Planet Park Monkey

Our one of a kind Planet Park Monkey offers the perfect solution for setting terrain parks and slope courses.

The Park Monkey is a salt sprayer that extends snow life by lowering the freezing point of water. The melting action of salt forms a brine (strong saline solution) that can penetrate below the surface of ice and packed snow. This is called an endothermic reaction. The solution of salt (NaCl) in water has a lower vapor pressure than the ice so that the ice changes its state from solid ice to liquid water. When salt is aptly applied, this reaction allows your park to extend your snow season drastically.

With a 50-lb. salt capacity, the Park Monkey comes equipped with heavy duty shoulder and waist straps. The Park Monkey is able to spray with a 180-foot radius, creating a much more efficient salting process than ever before. Dispensing up to 60-80% less salt than traditional methods, it is much more effective and much more environmentally friendly.